Try fishing in the "hottest" fishing waters in Sweden!

Try fishing in Svartån, the "Mecca" in Sweden for white fish. 440 large yielding fish are registered during the years. That is twice as much if one compares with Mörrumsån, lake Vättern or lake Vänern. In

Svartån 10 different spices are registered as large yielding fish. Species present in Svartån are, for example, perch, pike, burbot, bream, roach, and other types. A fishing license is required and there are boats to rent. Sweden's largest registered chubs and rudds are all caught in Svartån. There is a large chance to get different species of large yielding fish during a single day. 12 rudds, each one over 1 kg, all caught during 1 day. Catch and release the fish to make it possible for others to experience a record catch. A long fishing season. Different ways of fishing; angling, spinfish and fly-fish.